Thursday, 2 February 2017


I am a huge fan of The KLF.

For those who may not heard of The KLF, they were an electronic outfit, also known as The Timelords (think 1989 Dr Who Theme) and The Jams.


They were put under the spotlight when the members of KLF set up camp out the front of their record company and set fire to 1 million pounds (yes, real money) in protest of the current music industry.

They then burned all copy's of their music catlog much to the dismay of their fans (me included)

The KLF then disappeared into oblivion and had said that in 25 years, they would explain.

Well that 25 years is nearly up, and on the 01.01.2017 they released a video (as seen below)

As a huge fan, i am left to wonder... Any new music?

Video can only be viewed on laptop or dektop, if your on a mobile device Click Here


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