Tuesday, 25 October 2016

SOUNDZ80s - Vol 3 (Music Download)

For you listening pleasure...

If you love certain tracks on this site, then they will no doubt end up on the Soundz80 music downloads.

This time its Vol 3

1. Cocovan - Chic (someone to love)
2. Donkeyboy - City Boy
3. Kid Kasio - Hold back the Rain
4. Lifelike - Silicon Love
5. Marsheaux - Suffer the Children
6. Mesh - The Fixer
7. Mirko Hirsch - Video Night (back to 1986 mix)
8. Model1 - Turn back the Time
9. Nina - Beyond Memory
10. Syntec - Catch my Fall
11. Trentemoller - River in Me
12. Vanessa Paradis - Love Song
13. Yello - Limbo


DOWNLOAD HERE Click on 'No Thanks, Continue to view' on the bottom. Then click 'Download' on the top right hand

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