Tuesday, 23 August 2016

WANG CHUNG - DANCE HALL DAYS (Psychemagik Remix)

Flashback to 2012 when 80s band WANG CHUNG made a bit of a comeback, including a re-recording of their smash hit 'Dance Hall Days' which was included on the album 'Tazer Up'

This version just takes it one better, called the Psychmagik Remix... sounds pretty wicked.

U.K viewers have been lucky to see Wang Chung playing live at various 80s concerts including the 'Rewind Series' & 'Lets Rock' festivals (currently still touring (2016), check links below)

WANG CHUNG - DANCE HALL DAYS (Psychemagik Remix)  (2012)

Oh, for those in the 80s who used to ask... Can Someone Tell Me What A Wang Chung Is?... It means 'Yellow Bell' in Chinese. You have been enlightened, you may go now....






#Wang Chung

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